Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wednesday wind down

dan called me from tashi's school to let me know they were going to stick around for a talent show, an unexpected evening of solitude for me.

so i puttered around.

i am falling more and more in love with our yard. it is so lush and green and full of tall trees.

it has a fire ring.

and with each little addition of plant and whimsy, it becomes more and more our own.

this is what i did after work.

and then i had some dinner.

i buy this organic greens mix from the farmer's market on saturdays and it is just awesome. here i've added some red onions, toasted pine nuts and goat cheese.

even luna likes greens (she likes popcorn too)

months ago i found this embroidery kit for 40% off. i've never embroidered.

but i think now i'll give it a try.

happy evening!


Molly said...

Are those greens from Radical Roots? They are my favorite favorite.

zoe krylova said...

I like Radical Roots too, but these greens are actually from another farm. Their booth is usually in the other aisle of the market, almost opposite of Radical Roots location. I can't remember the name though! Their specialty seems to be greens. They have mixed salad greens and then this mix which is of kale and more savory greens. They also sell herb seedlings. I'll find out the name of the farm and let you know!