Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bibety bopety boo

i can show these bibs now because my my dear friend laura has received them. i made them for her darling baby girl who was born in december, around solstice. perhaps we'll get a sneak peek on blissblog of sylvia in her new duds. i received a picture in the mail yesterday and almost melted. the patterns are from bend the rules sewing, a fantastic book for beginning and experienced sewers alike.

it's an icy morning with school delayed by two hours. yesterday i finally started the process of packing for cyprus, or perhaps i should say piling. toiletries on the dresser. electronics on the spare bed. all possibilities of clothing stacked up on the bench. there is the question of which books to take, what presents to purchase, and should i start over with my forever unfinished knitted scarf, so that i can make it thinner and therefore longer (and so i can knit with that lovely wool on the airplane. are you allowed to take knitting needles on airplanes? only if they're three ounces?).

recently our old washing machine bit the dust and our landlord was kind enough to order a new one immediately. i was so relieved that i wasn't going to have to enter the world of laundromats. but since the new one was installed our sump pump has been getting stuck and running on and on. this tends to blow the fuse. yesterday i blew a fuse at least five times on one load of laundry. it was a real bi$#!@$!%tch to say the least.

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