Tuesday, February 12, 2008

for the love of bread

i'm stealing a moment with dan's computer while he takes tashi to school.

the above photo was taken over the weekend when we used our freecycled bread machine for the first time. it worked like a charm. i have a guilty voice speaking inside me for using a bread machine. i know the bread isn't quite as good as hand made bread, that it lacks soul. but i never seem to think ahead enough to make bread by hand, and i've had some bad luck with yeast. so when the bread machine came up on freecycle, i successfully pounced on it. i'm looking forward to making whole grain breads. our first test run was a basic white bread. i have to admit, it was pretty magical to pour the ingredients in, and, in a couple of hours, pull out a nice warm loaf. tashi was pleased.


Ramette said...

We use ours a lot. But I don't like the shape that it comes out of the machine. So we put it on the "dough" setting, then punch down the dough, throw it in a regular loaf pan for the 2nd rise, and bake it.

I have a nice whole wheat bread machine bread recipe from Cook's Illustrated.. if you want to try it.

peg said...

Your daughter is beautiful! I know you know that but still thought I'd say how her open face is lovely to see. Enjoy Cyprus.

zoe krylova said...

ramette, i would love a copy of your whole wheat recipe!