Tuesday, February 19, 2008

topsy turvy

tomorrow, we depart for cyprus. from dc to detroit to amsterdam to cyprus. it's gonna be grueling. we'll be landing in amsterdam at about 7:30am, though our body clocks will think it 1:30am. ok, i've stayed out that late, no big deal. but tashi might feel a little differently about it. in amsterdam, we have a seven hour stop over. while it might be tempting to take a quick train into the city, i have a feeling we'll be finding some nice cozy benches in schiphol airport for a snooze or two. we'll arrive in cyprus around 8pm thursday night.

we are going to stay a few days in larnaca, a seaside town that was once a sleepy village. it has grown exponentially since the turkish occupation began, as have most sleepy seaside villages in cyprus. but still, it will be a good place to catch up on our sleep, stare at the sea and prepare ourselves for nicosia, the capitol city, where we will spend the majority of our stay.

i don't think i will have connectivity at the flat we'll be staying at in larnaca, and the cyber cafe will not be the main attraction of the day. i hope to get connected in nicosia. stay tuned; hopefully there will at least some flickr updates.

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Suzanne said...

have a wonderful, SAFE, and FUN trip!!! I can't wait to see your pix on flickr! Hang out in the sunshine and eat tons of delicious food and write all about it so I can enjoy vicariously. I hope Tashi updates her blog too!!!