Friday, February 01, 2008

fried day

today is a messy day to follow two nights of messy sleep. i've had insomnia and so am not fully present. outside there is freezing rain. school was delayed for two hours this morning, which allowed for a little more snoozing. but now i'm looking at icy branches and steely sky.

here is a bend the rules project i've been working on. sew fun.

the other day while out on a walk, i had to ease by this fierce beast.

and things are falling apart. first our clothes washer broke for good. our landlord was kind enough to order a new washer immediately, but now the sump pump is having issues. and then tashi dropped her violin. some pieces popped off of it, but we think it can be easily fixed. one of our cats has an upset tummy and has been leaving us stinky gifts. my digital camera is being wonky. we're out of milk. and my mac laptop has developed a crack. it's not even a year old.

i'm sure i'm forgetting a few things. oh, and the milk, i just threw that in for fun.

i think i'll take my laptop into the shop on monday, so that i don't have to be without it this weekend. but then it might be gone a whole week. what is an internet addict to do? a lot of other things, for sure.

oh, and dan and i are starting a band. or a duet. maybe we'll play at an open mic sometime. but we've been jamming on three specific songs, he on guitar and me on djimbay. i think it could be good. perhaps tashi will join in on violin. what should we call ourselves?


Ramette said...

What was it that Surfzilla almost got named? Speedo Kings? And you still want your friends to help you choose your band name? :) Brave ones, you.

zoe krylova said...

i was dead set against speedo kings, to be sure!

Patience_Crabstick said...

I love the stuffed animal on the car.

Laura_M said...

How about Patience Crabstick? Already taken?

zoe krylova said...

well, i'd have to ask patience for permission. how about, "animal on the car". no no no. how about passiflora? humulus lupulus? or foeniculum?

Ramette said...

How about the mamas & the llamas?