Thursday, April 30, 2009

do-nothing day

yesterday we tried the bath again and tristan loved it. not a complaint, just some excited feet and arm movements. afterwards he was an incredibly peaceful baby, hanging out on the lambswool and gazing for an eternity at light slanting through blinds. when i picked him up he nestled his head against my shoulder and fell into a deep sleep. there is nothing like the feeling of a completely relaxed baby nestled up against you, sometimes cooing like a dove.

today is just sort of drifting by. the baby is sleeping and nursing and sleeping and nursing. and i am nursing and sitting and nursing and gazing and nursing and surfing and nursing and filling out paper-work. but i'm not doing laundry or making cloth yo yo's or sorting. i'm not cleaning house or finishing the edges of old receiving blankets cut up and turned into burp rags. i'm not reading much or taking very many photos. i am not even napping. it's almost dinner time and i've really got nothing to say for this day. except that i am so in love with my baby boy that sometimes just sitting and nursing and gazing and nursing and surfing and nursing is all that i really need to do in a day to feel totally fulfilled. but i sure wish he'd wake up and share his big eyes with me! i may have to start mentally preparing myself for the late night tristan wakey party. . .

by the way, today is tristan's actual "due date." and today he is five weeks old! he is weighing in at 9.5 pounds, the same weight as tashi when she was born.

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patrice said...

It's torture to not be able to snuggle him! He's so adorable and perfect.
I'm in love from afar.