Thursday, June 18, 2009

days of summer

sorry for the long delay in blog updates. our days have been full. i should at least post a photo a day. . . a small poem. three lines. something.

below are some photos from last weekend. we went to fridays after five where we had a delicious picnic of vegetable biryani and samosas. we had to spread out our blanket on the concrete under the pavilion since the grassy hillside was saturated. i just can't believe how much rain we've been getting. the band was called forro in the dark and they were very, very fun. we're pretty sure tristan was digging it. our big girl tashi was in virginia beach at a friend's cottage.

and what is a weekend without the lovely farmer's market?

tonight mara is arriving! we have been anticipating her visit for some time now. we can't wait to show her what life in ol' virginie is like! hopefully there will be several drives, some picnics, and certainly some downtown jaunts.

happy solstice weekend to all!

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