Thursday, June 04, 2009

hello june

witness some of tristan's first little smiles in the above video! he shares more of them with us each day. yesterday he was even smiling at some of the photographs we have hanging on the walls. he seems to have passed a threshold in cognition. now if only he would stop being so alert between 8pm and 1am (or 2am, as it was last night).

life is spinning into summer. tomorrow is tashi's last day of school. it's hard to believe our first baby is a rising sixth grader. here she is as the golden nymph in her class production of king midas and the golden touch.

nanna and grandpa haig came to visit recently and fun was had by all. they got to see tashi's class play and attend her little league picinic. we ate some great food at monsoon and beer run. they got to see surfzilla play an acoustic set at beer run. there were several games of parcheesi, the construction of a small teddy bear, and a viewing of hidalgo. and of course, they got to meet their ninth grandchild.

here are some shots from beer run:




thanks for all the nice comments on my whiny post about going back to work. i know that really i have the best of situations at hand, and part-time is a great way to go. there once was a time when, working full time, i dreamt of having a great part time job that wasn't in retail. and now i have it. so really i have a lot to celebrate. i just have to jump the first few hurdles and hopefully land on a smooth path, baby securely in my arms, daughter by my side and husband relieved of some pressure.

it will be an interesting summer for us all.

tashi's class made the origami cranes on the day of tristan's birth and then fashioned them into a mobile.

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patrice said...

I'm swooning after watching that video of Tristan.
Thump, thump goes my heart.
He is so handsome, and that one sided smile makes me melt.
He's so chunky and his skin looks so kissable.
He does remind me of his sister.

Much warmth,