Friday, June 26, 2009

goddess mother

we had a blast with our friend (and tashi's goddess mother) mara! the days were packed. there were drives, walks, picnics, outdoor concerts, markets, a photography exhibit, a few films, some delicious meals and much conversation.

it was great fun sharing our world with a san francisco comrade!

mara also shared her world of raw and vegan eating, and i must say, sliced fresh vegetables with some avocado spread or zucchini hummus wrapped in a gluten free tortilla is a terrific way to start a day!

tashi and tristan had a lot of fun with our visiting poet.

the full on photo documentation of mara's visit is of course posted.

today is tristan's three month birthday. on monday i return to my part job, working from home and the office, tristan in tow all the while. tashi, who has been begging to babysit, is going to help out over the summer by coming with us to the office and entertaining tristan. he soooo loves his sister, especially when she sings to him her pretty songs. wish us luck!


Suzanne said...

look at those dimples!!!

tifanie said...

oh! look at him looking at her!! i miss those days. sooo sweet! *