Sunday, June 07, 2009

to be handed glam on a spoon

the very gifted tina witherspoon, creatress of the glam.spoon fashion line, had the mother of all giveaways recently and i was a runner up! as runner up, is still received a halter dress, and in a color that i adore. i feel very lucky indeed. please check out ms. witherspoon's etsy shop as well.

this morning my talented daughter put her eye to the camera for a fashion shoot.

i accessorized the dress with an amber necklace from dan, some amber drop earrings from my mother, and a bracelet from my godmother.

the shoes i've had for ages. i wore them to the barbecue the evening before our wedding, and maybe a half dozen times since.

i'm also sporting the lovely vietnamese hair stick my friend mara ann gifted me with.

pretty nice for a girl who lately has been walking around with leaky breasts and spit up stains! thanks for reminding me of what it's like to feel glamerous, tina!


glam.spoon said...

you look gorgeous! the dress was waiting for you to come along.

patrice said...

Wow! You look terrific!
Great photosoot

Valerie 007 said...

Zoe no telling you recently had a baby- you look great! Tristan is so adorable!

song of the selkie said...

you look gorgeous z! mamacita! woo! love that first picture, such grace and poise...

that dress is quantum (that's my word for cool or the more recent term 'sick' really annoying, too urban for my tastes) and you are working that color scheme.

zoe krylova said...

it goes to show what a great dress it is, hiding my mama belly! it's there, believe me!