Friday, June 12, 2009

rose petal jam, monsoon, and insomnia

i had every opportunity to be well rested today. but after waking at 4:30am to nurse the baby, i couldn't get back to sleep. what does a mom do? wash her hair of course! then tinker around the house a bit. try to go back to sleep. fail. waste time on facebook. eat some toast with delicious rose petal jam. drink chai. try to go back to sleep. fail. upload photos. make a blog entry.

well, hello.

it's been rather monsoon like around here lately: seriously humid with spells of torrential rain. i'm quite enjoying it, though it makes taking a walk outdoors very challenging. it's either oppressively hot or there is thunder rumbling down the road.

the big fun around here: tristan's smiles. it's hard to capture a photo that is not blurry, because he is always moving while he's smiling and i hate to zap him with the flash.

last weekend we visited humpback rocks for their sunday bluegrass series. humpback rocks is an old homestead in the blue ridge with a view of a granite outcropping in the mountain. it was good fun.

this weekend tashi gets to go to virginia beach with a friend (i already miss her), while the three of us remain landlocked at home. we will probably take advantage of some local weekend events: the festival of the photograph, fridays after five, the farmer's market and perhaps another drive in the blue ridge. along with all the little chores around the house, of course. if you have many chores to accomplish over the weekend, don't forget to take a breather and have some fun in between!

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