Sunday, August 30, 2009

sunday round up

while we have not reached autumn equinox, the beginning of tashi's school year tends to mark the end of summer. this year tashi's first day of school is august 31, my very own birthday. so it seemed appropriate to have an end of summer celebration this past weekend.

it was tristan's first party in his very own home. he had ever so many fans.

and there were music jams of the best kind. our house was blessed with the amazing sound of an indian sitar.

tashi said her goodbye to a dear friend who is moving.

and aside from the gazpacho, guacamole, beer, sangria, lemon rice, potato salad, pesto pasta, peach cobbler and etc, there was watermelon.

a perfect ending. and beginning. cheers!

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Suzanne said...

i'm so sorry we missed it!!!