Sunday, November 01, 2009

sunday round up

just a moment of catching my breath. . .

life has felt very hectic lately. events, guests, big changes in second half of baby's first year, workplace demands, beginning of the holiday season, late night conversations & music jams. the blog has been on the back burner, unfortunately. baby's nap times are generally committed to my job, which leaves late night and weekends for everything else.

i am trying to squeeze in time for art & craft, among loads of laundry, shuttling back and forth to commitments, sweeping the floors, cooking, cooking, and, oh, cooking. the leaves are up to our knees, and as usual, the spring garden is still a theory. all is mostly joyous, with a little bit of sharp edged stress thrown in, my creative impulses often slipping away like wet noodles.

but i also feel driven, and the creative impulses are strong, which i find exciting.

samhain, the ancient celtic new year, has not passed in a day. i am still processing endings, looking toward beginnings. a new year is dawning; it's time to evaluate what has come to pass.

* it is just over a year that i've lived in this house in the trees and the hills.
* this past year the baby inside me has become a person in the world.
* my baby daughter is a beautiful blossoming sixth grader.
* dan and i celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and our 15 year courtship anniversary.
* george bush is no longer president

it's been a monumental year, and as i look down the path of the new year, i see a wide trail and lots of possibility. this is a good feeling.

i would love to hear from anyone (anyone out there?) reading this blog: something that has come to pass this last year. and if you feel like it, another thing that may be dawning.

may your samhain -- and your autumn -- be warm, delicious and blessed.


patrice said...

*instead of trying to "fix" or "change" Annie, I have spent an entire year honoring Annie's feelings about not going over bridges, thru tunnels, etc. etc. and instead, working around it peacefully.
*we gracefully adapted to being a one-car family.
*i'm launching a new venture, Alameda StudioTime!

thanks zoe for encouraging me to look back and look forward


zoe krylova said...

mmm, love your responses. so beautiful that you are honoring annie's concerns. bay bridge, bart and earthquakes. i know that more than once i found myself praying when crossing the bay bridge! tell us more about alameda studio time? life drawing? crafting venue? sounds wonderous!

Suzanne said...

hmmm... i have to think about that one...
julian transitioning into being able to hang with folks besides his folks. my world is opening up again, as is his-- a very good thing that i am grateful for this past year!