Monday, December 14, 2009

gather round the fallen yule tree

this was the scene in our living room this morning.

our tree was not yet fully decorated, though we had hung up the majority of our fragile ornaments. they were mostly in the front of the tree. we were expecting to find the worst of the wreckage under the tree, but were pleasantly surprised to discover that much had survived.

we suspect the cats, but don't have much evidence.

once we swept up a few piles and righted the tree, things didn't seem all that bad. we vacuumed and mopped, but are still finding little shards of glass in the far corners of our living room.

these were some ornaments a friend gave me as a wedding gift. the bride survived, but the groom is toast.

it is possible the tree was leaning forward a bit, and simply toppled. what surprises me the most, is that we didn't hear it!

so tonight we tucked the lights back in, and started from scratch. it was ok.

and tristan played the guitar a little too.

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