Sunday, December 27, 2009

merry, merry, bright and tired

what a wonderful series of days. the storm leading into solstice was really such a gift. it forced us all to start taking it easy well before christmas day. and while there may have been some frantic catching up to do a day or two before christmas, i think for the most part the snow forced everyone to slow. way. down.

the baby also set a moderate pace to christmas day. there were lots of breaks to nurse, to change diapers and to comfort.

the connection between tristan and tashi was the best gift any parent could ask for.

and there were a few gifts that we made for each other.

there was a delicious feast, with left overs to sustain through the weekend.

the cats were pleased with their gifts as well. nothing says happy like catnip and catcube.

and now the very tired parents can spend some days snoozing, enjoying the hearth, comforting baby boy as he cuts his first teeth and preparing for a certain young lady's 12th birthday.

here's wishing you much rest and reflection in the days leading up to 2010.

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patrice said...

love this post.
i can feel the love in each photo.
much care,