Tuesday, December 01, 2009

homemade monday

even though it's past midnight, monday continues. i can't at this time show the homemade i've been working on, so i will share more of my mother's work.

the cardigan i am wearing was knit by my mom. she gave it to me when i was too pregnant to fit into it, so it's new to me this year. it is beautifully made, and has lovely tight cables, though i'm not really doing it justice in this photo. the hat on tristan's head is mine, also made by my mother. dan thought it looked cute as a floppy beret on tristan, but i don't think the baby loved it every time it slid over his eyes. never-the-less, another great hat, 100% mom made.

oh and the photo. it was taken at the greenwood country store. i asked dan to take it, because, i don't know, it's not everyday you nurse while sharing a seat with an old sink.

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