Tuesday, December 29, 2009

prezzies for the kitchen

dan mentioned that purchasing cookbooks for me is a win win situation. indeed. i've been seeking a good soup cookbook for years, and i think love soup fulfills the quest. that paired with a magnificent immersion blender from my mother-in-law, will make for many warm bowls of soup in the heart of winter.

last night i salvaged a head of cauliflower that would not have lasted another day in our fridge. i made the cauliflower bisque with buttered bread crumbs. oh it was good.

and you gotta' love a dish that you can share with the baby.

my mother kindly gifted me with apples for jam by tessa kiros. i have her other cookbook, falling cloudberries, which i quite love. her cookbooks are full of charming anecdotes, beautiful photographs and recipes for elegant yet often simple dishes. she is also partly greek-cypriot, as am i!

my sister-in-law sent me this nice set of indian spice blends, complete with loose nutmeg, bay leaves and cinnamon sticks in the box. the spice spoons will find a happy home in our kitchen!

and tashi too scored a couple of cool cookbooks. each recipe in kids cook 1-2-3 has just three ingredients. and the redwall cookbook reveals the mysterious ingredients behind the mouth watering meals described in the redwall stories.

time to eat!

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