Monday, December 07, 2009

a white weekend

we were blessed with snow on saturday. it fell on the waldorf school holiday bazaar, making it all the more festive, though i'm not sure how it might have affected the turn out.

here is tashi playing song of the kelpie at the bazaar. she taught herself this song by ear. notice, no sheet music. also, if you look closely, you can see some of the fat flakes falling outside the windows.

yesterday was take two on our attempt to make it to the green valley book fair (last week we had the flat). we made it! books, books and more books. and some great snow views as we climbed up and over the blue ridge.

today it has all melted, at least in our neighborhood it has. but it was a nice reminder that december is here. are you aware that we are well into december? i'm still getting used to the idea. . .

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Stari said...

hi!the pictures are beautiful! and it's amazing that she taught herself to play that song by ear, i could never do it. is it a viola? i play a violin, myself. and those cookies above look tasty ^-^ if you'd come check out my new blog that'd be great and your welcome to visit my others too.