Wednesday, October 06, 2010


tristan is quite a little helper. yesterday he played patiently while i sorted through his clothes, pulling out the too small things, and making more accessible the sweaters and cold weather outfits.

he played with his big tabletop train set that i scored from a generous freecycler.

he stepped in and out of the bedroom onto the balcony.

and he modeled the adorable vest that yia yia knit up.

he also found a red pen that he tested out on some books. luckily he didn't test it out on his vest.

after getting impatient in the bedroom, we went outside to gather kindling. there is no shortage of kindling around here.

he loves saying wagon and he loves pushing it even more. the wagon pictured was tashi's. one day it was sitting in our driveway in michigan and dan ran over it with the jeep. i thought it was done for, but it is still functional, despite some dents and wonky wheels.

i also managed ten minutes of sorting in the garage where tristan found dan's old abacus. it has balls and wheels and knobs. major score for the little boy.

tristan likes to help load the clean laundry into the drier! he gets a little upset when i actually turn the drier on, because he wants to do it gain! as he likes to say.

yup, this little guy is a whole lot of fun.

and the little girl? the little girl who will turn 13 in three months? she too is busy. school, homework, violin, soccer, a little brother and good friends keep her on her toes. despite the demands of growing up, she is her authentic self. i love her nuances, her playfulness, her moods, her talents. i can always pull a laugh out of her, even when there are thunder clouds looming around her head. she fascinates me. i love every bit of her.

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