Friday, October 15, 2010

the nap drive

i haven't had to do this very often but today when tristan wouldn't fall asleep for a nap, i pulled a sweatshirt on and, still in my pajama bottoms, took the little guy for a ride in the car. he was asleep within two minutes. instead of turning back home and commencing to spin several plates at one time, i was beckoned by a big sky of dramatic clouds and a rolling landscape of bright leaves. i carried on with our drive, and was astonished by the beauty of the day.

many of the photos were taken through the windshield (i was in my pajama bottoms, remember), so have a somewhat hazy quality about them. forty five minutes after i set out on the drive, i arrived home, feeling transformed by a landscape in flux.

1 comment:

patrice said...

This is a beautiful collection of photos! What a wonderful part of the country.
Your kids are growing so fast and so beautifully.
Life looks full and cozy.