Sunday, October 24, 2010

the land, the sky, the stomach

a few days ago we took a walk and encountered some farm animals we hadn't seen up close since i was pregnant! there are two billy goats, a furry white silly goat, a chestnut horse and an ebony horse. the ebony horse is missing one eye. she has the most beautiful, gentle soul i've ever encountered in a horse. when i was pregnant i was convinced she knew it, as she often nuzzled up to my belly. after tristan was born i longed to introduce him to the animals, but they were always in the back field. finally they are up front again, and it was such a pleasure to pay them a visit.

speaking of animals, we have a mighty feisty lion residing in our house these days.

he will soon be joined by a raven who says nevermore.

i just can't make up my mind on which is my favorite season. right now, i'm certain it's autumn, especially in virginia. i may change my mind once spring arrives.

and the food lately has been so good. stews and soups and biscuits and breads and apple galettes (because pie crust always intimidates me).

spicy chicken, date, butternut squash stew

apple galette. this was my second attempt at one. not beautiful, but far better then the first. and tasty, regardless.

sweet potato biscuits to die for! and three sisters (corn, squash, bean) stew from feeding the whole family

and you, what are you seeing & tasting this wonderful autumn?

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