Sunday, October 03, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like autumn

it must be autumn because last night was by far the coldest night we've had in at least four months. dan arose this morning and built a fire immediately, the first fire of the season. the last time we had a fire in the wood burning stove tristan was not walking and perhaps not even crawling. this morning he pretty much figured out right away that there was something terribly hot going on, and that it was best not to mess with it.

it must be autumn because i'm totally in the mood for baking. last week i whipped up a batch of orange chocolate chip cookies, a favorite around here. this morning it was time for coffee cake. i use a family recipe which i've altered only slightly by adding crystallized ginger to the batter. the cake was devoured with some delicious yogurt berry smoothies to accompany it. and coffee of course.

it must be autumn because it is so much easier to be outside. hopefully we will be spending a lot more time in in our ailing yard, to make up for how little time was spent there this summer when it is in the high 90's and tremendously humid! there is plenty of raking to do, lots of kindling to be gathered, a fire pit to build and some planning to be done for future garden beds. will this finally be the year? i see some sheet mulching in my future. . .

it must be autumn because trousers are in the rotation, soup is on the menu, the baby is in flannel and socks are on the feet. i hope you are enjoying these early days of autumn -- appreciating the quality of the light, exploring the moodiness of the season, cuddling up to the coziness of home and facing the imminent inward journey through the dark.

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Mediterranean Views said...

beautiful autumn reflections. I especially love the last paragraph!