Friday, December 09, 2011

almost-full moon check in

it has been a candle lit contemplative not-so-stressful december thus far. gifts are getting checked off the list (albeit sluggishly), some nice blankets have been sewn up for market, some very pleasing writing has evolved and i am managing to read at least a little bit most nights before bed.

i have been meeting my december challenge with daily sit ups and at least one yoga pose! i certainly could be doing a little better with the yoga, but even a few minutes of tree pose is very centering. i usually do a string of poses, but remind myself when it starts to get really late and i've done nothing yet, that my challenge called for at least one, which, really, is always do-able. the sit ups are definitely making a difference. i can feel my core beginning to strengthen, an area of my body i've neglected on and off for over a decade. there is still much work to be done. what i really like about this december challenge is that it sets the tone for the new year, so i can go into it realistically, with resolutions already underway.

the walk almost didn't happen, and instead of three miles, it ended up being two. and i failed to really get the heart rate going as i took at least 50 photos with my phone!!!! but an exercise of the mind is just as necessary as an exercise of the body! and it really felt good to be out in there in the brisk air, the sun beginning to set, a huge bright moon gazing down at me the entire time.

there is progress in the chaotic back room. it serves many purposes: playroom, office, house of instruments and guest room. most recently it was guest room to my sister in law, barb, so the futon is center stage. but we will fold it up and let the playroom take over for the holidays. i feel like it is already a much more pleasant place to spend time, which is important because tristan likes to be back there. i also brought the room's walk in closet back to order. it is funny how easily a walk in closet can turn into a walk in disaster!

i hung some pictures over dan's desk. i've been wanting to hang things in this patchwork sort of a way on the wall above our bed, but gave it my first shot here. i think it worked out. we'll be moving my desk into the back room this weekend (to make way for the yule tree in the living room), and i plan to hang pictures similarly over my desk.

below are some pics from walk. all the photos in this post were taken on my phone!

wishing you all a magical december full moon.

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