Friday, December 02, 2011

december truly is about death and rebirth

with all of its magic and surprises, december.

and now also, december, the month that my uncle dimas dimitri efthyvoulou passed into the spirit world, a world he grew to know well in his 87 years of life.

(my beautiful mother, tatiana, with her beautiful mother, zoe, and her very handsome brother, dimas)

dimas was a photographer who spent several years in the amazon jungle, discovering a way of seeing he called "sidesight." he took a series of photos of the rainforest reflected in the water, and turned them sideways to reveal the spirits of the place, spirits both gentle and fierce, human and animal.

he spent several months with us in san francisco, where he promoted his vision and put on a series of slide shows to captive audiences. it was awesome to spend time with someone twice our age who was also twice as carefree. we have many dear memories of that time spent with him.

this video shows some of his amazon photos set to some powerful tribal music.

his death was sudden and unexpected, leaving many of us with a pile of mixed emotions. i wish so that i could have seen him one more time, bid him farewell, conveyed my respect and my gratitude. friends of mine he met tell me now how they were forever changed by his vision. i really thought he would be there the next time we visited cyprus, telling me of his latest healing techniques, playing with his cats, doting over his young wife, making silly jokes, reveling in our daughter's earth goddess beauty, and meeting our little boy, pointing at tristan's shirt and asking him what that spot is, and then playfully tweaking his chin when he looked down to find said spot. he always got me with that one.

farewell, dear dimas. you will always be alive and full of love and light in our memories.

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UberFilipi said...

Both the video and music are captivating. What amazing photos. I see the spirit in every one of them! Amazing work.