Wednesday, December 14, 2011

mid december

i have to admit, i will be happy when this week is over. things have been happening around here in small constant bursts. a little baking here. some leaf raking there. focused stretches of online gift shopping. a minimal amount of tidying and sleeping. endless loads of laundry. gathering the greenery. meal preparation. some playing, some reading, some nursing. quick jaunts outside. bits of work on an exciting collaboration. a very slow approach to decorating a tree. and lots and lots of sewing in the spaces in between. or shall i say, all those other things happen in the spaces between bouts of sewing!

i wish i could say the sewing has been for making gifts, but it's been all about creating stock for the holiday craft fairs. i'm still new to this, and really didn't think ahead this year, leaving all the making to the last minute. i must plan ahead for the next season so that i don't have to cram as i have been. this saturday is the last market i'll attend and i will be happy to take a break from scallops and snaps. though i may proceed to fill the time with some last minute gift making, i think a feeling of self imposed pressure may lift. then again, i'm not sure i'm ever free of that self imposed pressure!

i'm still doing sit ups, and keeping the stress at bay, but i am very, very . . . . . tired! i'm looking forward to some time to chill out with my family while engaging ourselves in activities that celebrate the coming solstice.

but, it's all good, i must say. i feel blessed that i can do what i'm doing, that i've been given the opportunity to explore my craft and stay at home with my very busy little boy (and starting next week, tashi, who won't have to go to school for two weeks, yippee!). and that back room that was part of the december challenge. . . it has become inhabitable! tristan loves checking out all the board games we have stacked in the closet. while he does that, i have this opportunity to eke out a blog entry!

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