Sunday, December 11, 2011

got tree?

we designated today as the day to fetch our yule tree. and so it was. we decided not to cut our own this year and instead support a local farm five minutes down the road selling pre-cut trees harvested in va. we headed down there after lunch, tristan falling asleep in the car within two minutes. so we turned back home, as we wanted him to be awake for the tree ritual.

the farm was supposed to be open until 5pm according to the sign, but when we arrived there after his nap, a little past 4pm, the gate was chained and padlocked. so we drove fast-like out to a cut-your-own farm in green county that we have purchased trees from in years past. the sun dropped behind the mountain just as we pulled in. tashi and i ran around pell mell for a few moments, seeking the perfect tree. there was one white pine we admired. but the owner offered a great deal on a pre-cut virginia frazer fir. and now that tree is in our living room, gracing it, trying to relax.

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