Sunday, December 11, 2011

zanzibar cake

we recently enjoyed a charming book from the library called ella takes the cake. ella, a young elephant, desperately wants to be of assistance to her mother, who is baker.

we discover that zanzibar cake is ella's favorite.

so we found the recipe for zanzibar cake online, and made one tonight. tristan poured in all the dry ingredients and helped me mix. he also licked the beaters clean.

while i had trouble getting the icing to drip in just such a way, it was very tasty. a little like a super moist applecake, with just the right touch of clove-cinnamon-nutmeg.

we thus walk toward the heart of winter, firing up the hearth, filling our home with the scent of spice, and enjoying the foods that keep us warm and cheerful.


Lail | With A Spin said...

Hello there. The link to your cake recipe is not working. We are reading the book to my 2 year old many times through out the day. I would live to make her a Zanzibar cake. Would you please let me know the recipe you used? Thanks a lot.

zoe krylova said...

I am so sad that they took the lovely Ella website down. It looks like Disney has taken over the Ella stories and now there is just a Facebook page. I will post the recipe soon and let you know.

Anonymous said...

My daughter and I are interested in this recipie as well! ��

zoe krylova said...

It's a pretty involved recipe and I haven't gotten around to reproducing it. I'm sorry. So sad they took the website down. In the mean time, these recipes have some similarities. This one is different in that it has bananas instead of apple sauce and it has chocolate: I will try to post the Ella recipe later; thanks for the reminder!