Thursday, September 27, 2012

wee craft: acorn spool dolls

please meet our new friends!

aside from weekends, thursday is the only day of the week that tristan and i don't have a prescheduled activity. it is our long lull at home and seems the perfect day to take on a craft project. in my continuing effort to make the most of acorns, we made acorn spool dolls

i picked out some wooden spools from a small vintage collection that i have, and selected some of the big acorns i found at the base of the oak tree by the public library. we liked the caps that appeared to have pom poms on them!

tristan painted two out of three of the spools, and i guided his hand to paint the faces. once the acrylic paint dried, i used the glue gun to stick the acorns to the spools.

tristan decided to use up the remaining paint by making some hand prints.

we thought the acorn folk might want to visit the faerie.

 behind the faerie door we found a large wolf spider. she was not pleased to meet us.

at some point tristan hung these markers on his shirt. what a silly guy!

in my continuing saga of how to be more "regular" with the blog, i've decided that day specific themes might not work out that well for me. i may sometimes have thrift thursday or friend friday, but otherwise some general themes might pop up on any given day: weekend roundup, sew inclinedwhere we are, celebrating the seasonswee craft, and what ever else i might think of!

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