Saturday, June 01, 2013

local inspiration: the urban garden

we often entertain the idea of moving into town. we are about a 15 mile drive into the county, not bad really, but all those winding 30 minute drives to and from town do add up. dan and i both work in town. tashi and tristan both go to school in town. most of my doula clients live in town and birth at the hospitals there. and then there are all the conveniences of town: that you can walk & bike places, that there are parks and pools and farmer's markets and shops and music venues. 

but the flip side is that we have lots of space where we are. we have woods to explore and a creek to wade in. we have vast gardening potential. we have herds of deer, beautiful birds, and the occasional bear. if there is not complete silence, there is birdsong and the sound of trees dancing in the wind (and lately, thousands of cicadas). tristan can ride his bike up and down the driveway and tashi and i can hang out in our peaceful cedar grove where we do tarot readings, talk about herbs, and observe the seasonal changes. the starry nights are bright and healing. we have a very direct connection with the natural world, which is probably the most valued feature. the land we live on, wild and unkempt though it is,  remains a refuge and a creative work in progress.

visiting some friends in town recently, i was so inspired by their gorgeous urban garden. it was a great reminder of the natural connection you can nurture, no matter where you are. their yard features a large vegetable bed, a chicken coop, and beautiful flower patches throughout. there are blueberry bushes, peonies, roses,  fruit trees, and mounds of potato patches. every space is put to good use. there is whimsy and charm and the most amazing handmade playhouse. the fence is also handmade, and has hearts and moons carved in its gates. it is a truly magical natural space. i wish i had taken so many more photos, but here is a glimpse of what can happen in the heart of town, on a very busy street corner!

and the most beautiful flower of them all, their four year old daughter, 
on the gorgeous bench her papa made with his own hands. 

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