Monday, June 24, 2013

berry first day of summer

nothing says first day of summer like berry picking. 
on friday morning i met some friends at the free union berry patch,
where we gathered blueberries. unfortunately the crops have been damaged this year 
by the cicadas and the yield is limited. but i came away with three pints of fat blueberries, 
and some delicious berry patch honey as well.

our sweet friend, ready for the berry hunt.

juicy blue goodness

happiest boy in the patch

i made these sugar free blueberry muffins and they were quite delicious. 
i used my fancy mini muffin-cake pan, and they stuck a bit, but were attractive still. 
topped with butter and honey before serving, they were very pleasing.
tristan and dan found some of the first ripe blackberries at the foot of our driveway,
a fine addition to our summer treat.

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