Wednesday, June 12, 2013

along the moormans

we had a little picnic along the full moormans river today. it was a good respite. 
tashi is leaving on friday to spend some time in the midwest with family, 
so this was our special june moment! 
when we pulled up an enormous blue heron flew off downstream.

there was much speculation about who might inhabit this cave.

everywhere we go, tristan brings a toy or three.  to the dinner table. on outings. 
to the toilet. in the yard.

there were a few quiet moments, mostly when we could get tristan to stop singing 
twisted versions of songs from les miserables, which he has been doing without stop 
since tashi was in the play.

do you see the spirits?

 do you see the smiles?


mundy said...

zoe, i'll admit it. i read your blog and i love it. i love all the photographs as we too begin our journey through waldorf for olive

zoe krylova said...

thanks for saying hi mundy, and for your kind words! i'm always surprised when i find out people read my blog! waldorf is a good place. hopefully tristan will be there in another year.