Thursday, December 12, 2013

gratitude day 1: feline affection

we have had our dear cats, luna and loki, for eleven years. tashi and i went to a pumpkin patch one autumn day and came home with sibling cats. they are quirky, loving, hilarious, and sometimes very naughty. they offer their purr therapy on the darkest days and arrange themselves in storm pose when bad weather is immanent.  they are very patient with tristan who likes to test their boundaries and less patient with everyone when it's time for a meal. luna is particularly fond of tashi and tries very hard to follow her into her room at night. tashi has sadly had to shut her out due to a developing allergy, but they still bond a lot in other spaces of the house. loki used to be in the habit of fighting other cats and climbing trees when dogs appeared, but he keeps himself out of trouble these days. luna can be a bit aloof and has a way of watching things unfold from her safe and distant perch. but when she decides to be affectionate she really has a way of turning up the sweetness volume.

i would love someday to have a pair of dogs too. 

but for now we are happy with these mysterious creatures who seem to see through
the walls of our house, and into the chambers of our human hearts. 

(thanks to dan for the above two photos!)

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