Friday, December 13, 2013

gratitude day 2: the hands


we take them for granted, this intricate web of phalanges. 

they tuck under your pillow at night. pick up the crying babe in the morning. cook. eat. feed the cats. massage. clap. hold a pen. hold a book. direct traffic. gesture.

they type. sew. push. squeeze. 

catch. throw. grip. give & receive.

 hands press together in namaste. they raise strength in sun salutations. 
they are spangled in meaningful rings, and in some cases, tattooed. 

your palm speaks of the future, while the wear and tear speaks of your work 
(or lack of moisturizer, as in my case). your nails may be beautifully manicured, bitten short, 
or neatly trimmed. you might have hang nails, splinters, cracked skin, age spots, wrinkles.

hands have great strength and sometimes deteriorate with arthritis. 
lately i've been considering my hands as i've experienced some carpal tunnel. 
my chiropractor has made a huge difference with simple adjustments. 
her hands heal mine. touch makes music. touch makes love.

hands itch, comb, press, and pat. 

you have your voice, and you have the words that your fingers give away.

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