Tuesday, December 17, 2013

gratitude day 4: my house moccasins

i know, i know. really? slippers?

yesterday passed by so quickly that i didn't even realize i had missed posting. and today has passed by almost as quickly. so sitting here tonight i gaze at my feet while considering what i am grateful for, and i see my slippers. 

these sturdy slippers have been around for at least five years. they are a bit marred, but have years left in them. they swaddle my feet in warmth, while i remain connected to the ground beneath me. i am usually a barefoot girl in the house when it is warm, so i want my slippers to be another skin.

dan kindly gifted me with them for christmas one year. they are an investment, but a quality one. i've had other slippers. they last for one season and become landfill.  

when the weather cools down i wear them all the time at home. i cook in them, clean in them, curl up by the fire in them, sew in them, play in them, and sometimes even step outside in them (you know, to gather wood from the deck, or pick that last branch of oregano). it seems they are an integral part of my winter comfort.

so if you are stumped for a present for your loved one consider some wicked good slippers.

dan has a similar pair that are 31 years old. seriously!

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