Sunday, December 22, 2013

gratitude day 6: community

my high school community. my college community. 
community in buffalo, seattle, the bay are, ann arbor, and charlottesville. 

communities developed through day jobs, my doula work, dan's tibet work.
communities that have unfolded at my childrens' schools.
a community of mamas, papas, and babes.
communities of writers, artists, musicians, activists, earth lovers.

community to celebrate the seasons with.

people i miss. people i remain connected to.
 the map of populations and locales lives in my memory.  
miraculously my communities find a crossroads on facebook,
a characteristic that keeps me a little hooked on social media. 

i am grateful for all my little and big friends all over the planet,
while my immediate community continues to grow and find inner-connections,
an amazing labyrinth evolving at the foot of the blue ridge mountains.


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