Wednesday, April 04, 2007

bright bleak

yesterday we saw a 13 year old red panda named gladwynn at the central park zoo. he was the sweetest little guy.

we also had lunch at a cozy upper east side eatery called follow me caffe. it had dim lighting and orange walls and lots of cushions and a big open window.

we took tashi to fao schwartz, which was more like a museum than a store. she got hooked on the idea of purchasing a doll, so with her own money she bought a baby that she named molly. here is my brother danny babysitting molly.

yesterday was a bright sunny day but today is rainy and bleak. we're off to the rubin museum of himalayan art and then we might just bum around chelsea, the local hood, full of galleries and good eats.

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The other Molly said...

A dolly named Molly! That is so sweet.