Sunday, April 22, 2007

tea time

it's a gorgeous spring weekend in our parts. such a relief. yesterday we had tea time on the deck. that is my lovely tea pot from lemba village in cyprus.

tashi wasn't feeling well so spent all day at home. she and dan gave me permission to go to a matinee. i saw the namesake, directed by mira nair. i had read the book last fall and while i was somewhat disappointed with the book, i knew it would make a good movie. and indeed it was good.

loki had a nice spring day too.


Anonymous said...

I just watched a Mira Nair movie last night - Vanity Fair. I hadn't seen it when it first came. It isn't the sort of movie I would normally watch but I love her movies. I didn't enjoy the story much, but it was lovely none the less as are all her movies. I watched Salaam Bombay a few weeks ago and that stayed with me a long time. Awesome movie.
Take care,
Linda Diane

allison said...

Tashi is getting so tall!