Sunday, April 29, 2007


it's been a fabulous sunday thus far. after homefries, turkey bacon and flax-yogurt- berry-smoothies, there was apple cake with caramel frosting.

and then there was the vintage book about san francisco, which tashi read to us.

and there were more seedlings, purchased at the farmer's market yesterday, planted today.

sunflowers, cosmos, calendula and nasturtium planted along the house. this trough was full of rocks, dead leaves and onion grass before.

the beginnings of tashi's fairy garden. an old pumpkin, hardened through a winter at the yard's edge. more calendula. and some scarlet phlox (not shown).

dappled shade with lupin and bachelor buttons.

a carpet of cherry blossoms.

lemon verbena, an ally.

morning glory in an old chinese medicine teapot.

i garden very spontaneously and without much planning. the results are mixed. i would like to plant many more medicinal herbs. there were far more dandelions and violets this spring. joy! i haven't quite found the place for a vegetable garden. much of our yard looks like this.

and within that wonderful, wild, chaotic mess, is a whole lot of this.

i don't have a good relationship with poison ivy and have had many uncomfortable months infected by it. in fact, i've a feeling it's just a matter of days before it appears on my skin after the game of hide and seek i played with tashi yesterday. i so would like to make these wild corners of our yard safely accessible. and would like to landscape some of the space with useful plants. but the battle with poison ivy is one i dread and fear.

in the mean time, here is our guard cat. he runs through the poison ivy freely and with glee. and passes it on to me.

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Kate in NJ said...

Hi,I came here from Making Peace.We had a lot of English ivy, small trees and poison ivy in the back corner of our yard, and we put down cardboard and newspaper and covered those with grass clippings and leaves
from our trees in the fall. By the next spring, we were able to garden
there a bit more, after adding compost and bark mulch (we got the mulch free from a tree removal company in our area)we now have a
pretty clear area to garden in.