Friday, April 27, 2007


it's a lunchblog update. today's meal is palak paneer with brown rice. followed by a donut. yes, indeed, a donut. there was a box of fresh donuts in the main office, and i just couldn't resist.

right now the decemberists are playing on pandora. and the sun is trying to break through the clouds. i think it might be a very nice weekend.

i am featuring the cow picture because of the dream i had last night. i dreamt that goji berries somehow had a psychotropic affect and i was enjoying this experience on a gorgeous farm. there were cows and horses all around. despite the clean, open conditions of the farm and the luscious tree line skirting the edge, i could sense an intense suffering amongst the animals. free range or not, they were there for the sole purpose of meeting human demand. it was such a conflicting experience, so much beauty and so much suffering. i woke up with the word samsara on my tongue.

so i am featuring the picture of the cow because it is such a beautiful cow, but it is tagged as some ranch owner's possession.

cows and goji berries and idylic farms aside, there is some serious change in the works. i'll let you know once the wheel spins and i'm on the other side!

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