Sunday, April 08, 2007

sweet home

happy spring, easter and passover to all.

we had a fabulous week in new york. a complete showcase of our adventures can be found here.

i would say it was more of a culinary experience this time around, with so many good lunches and dinners and cups of espresso. we had tibetan momos, thai noodles, lebanese kibbehs, cuban rice & beans, french crepes, true new york bagels, delicious kosher feasts and a few good desserts. time to read, "french women don't get fat," again!

we did a lot of walking through various neighborhoods -- chelsea, greenwich village, midtown, the east village, the financial district, upper east side, upper west side and williamsburg, indulging in a few touristy attractions along the way. i actually had the opportunity to check out some of the chelsea art galleries this time around, and discovered the uplifting work of julie evans and the compelling work of amy cutler. it is a blast to be able to visit gallery after gallery within two blocks of my dad's digs. i also visited the guggenheim while dan and tashi were at the natural history museum.

on friday i took tashi to an off broadway production of anne of green gables. she had just finished the book the night before. it certainly wouldn't have been my first choice in new york city theater, but the things we do for our children! it was a well done tear jerker, and i think she enjoyed every moment of it.

our last morning we went to the chelsea antique garage and flea market, where i foamed at the mouth yet contained my urges, mostly.

danny and shirley and my dad were generous and jolly as always, taking time out of their usual routines to follow us through chinatown, the central park zoo, the south street seaport by night and the rubin museum of himalayan art, to name a few. our vacation ended with a birthday cake for my dad and dan (both april 26) and shirley (april 30). many happy returns to all!

and now we are home on easter sunday. really this holiday is about spring to us, and while i know it would be most consistent with my belief system to celebrate it on spring equinox, i somehow completely missed it this year, realizing it was the first day of spring at about 7pm while in the shopping mall parking lot. so today tashi hunted for eggs and received a basket full of candy in shapes of pagan iconography. she is currently dancing around to hindi soundtrack "lagaan" (a favorite) while dan reads an issue of the smithsonian and i consider baking hot cross buns.

time to sign off and be home, sweet home.

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FleaSpeech said...

Zoe, sorry your contained so many urges at The Garage! :D

Hope you had a good time shopping at the NYC fleas.