Tuesday, April 03, 2007

chelsea morning

we are in new york, city of surprises. we arrived sunday evening on amtrak, three hours late. we're staying at my dad's place in chelsea, where it is currently foggy and cool.

yesterday we explored chinatown where tashi bought trinkets and we ate puffs filled with sweet yellow bean paste. we wandered through little italy, the east village, greenwich village, and hung out in washington square park.

larry (dad) and shirley (his wife) put together a passover seder for us in the evening. it was pretty special and i even ate all of my gefilte fish.

today is all about tashi. we're taking her to fao schwartz, where surely there will be some angst over expensive toys we can't purchase. then we'll go to central park and wander aimlessly for hours.

i love new york!

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