Saturday, September 29, 2007

brownish consumer report

this morning i went to the salvation army and was pleasantly surprised to find all clothing was marked at $1. unfortunately i didn't have much luck finding anything worthwhile for myself or my family, just a few comfort items. but i did find this seemingly vintage oleg cassini shirt and for a buck couldn't pass it up. i'm hoping it will fit dan, but if not, i may just keep it on display for a while. love the peacock motif and metallic thread!

i also found this cute little franciscan discovery bowl from their topaz line. apparently it is a sugar bowl missing its top. but i like it just the way it is. a little old lady tapped me on the shoulder while i was in the check-out line and said, "i'm so glad someone is buying that; i've had my eye on it for days." i'm not sure what about the 50 cent price tag stopped her from buying it herself, but it seems i made her day anyway.

speaking of brownish. today when tashi and i were on our way to the vegetarian festival in downtown charlottesville, we passed on one street corner a semi crazed looking dude with words scrawled on his bare chest. i didn't bother reading the words, but when he said, "watch out for the poopie" i realized that was just what he had written in dark ink across his skin. he pointed to a heap of dookie up the side street a ways. tashi was stunned. after that i felt like everyone i looked at was on acid.


Elizabeth said...

You wouldn't wear the Cassini shirt yourself? I would! Great find!

tifanie said...

Oh my. That last comment about the guy with "poopie" written across his chest. That reminds me of a guy my friend bumped into on Hollywood Boulevard holding up a sign that said "Kick me in nuts for $20". My friend took a picture of this guy and sent me. It left me with that same acid feeling. Icky.