Sunday, September 23, 2007

happy autumn equinox, otherwise known as mabon

it's been an awesome day. it started it out a little rough, not feeling so swell, the general malaise i've been experiencing all week. but i was cheered by a visit from kevin, suzanne, jakob and their new family member, julian felix.

he is a seriously delicious little sprite.

i was further cheered by a visit with the amazing molly, who gave me a knitting lesson! cheggit out!

this is going to be a nice scarf, knitted by me me me! and then i will knit and knit and knit other things. well, that's the hope, anyway. i am so relieved that i can do something with my hands when i am sitting on the couch feeling completely useless while watching the "six feet under" marathon.

tonight we had a bit of a mabon feast: split pea soup, potato leek gruyere gratin, fresh salad and chocolate stout (well, just one of the latter for me). it was delicous.

we went around the table and talked about what we were grateful to the earth for, and what we hoped for the earth.

after dinner we stepped outside and watched a bat swoop around above our house. it was the first time i've seen a bat around here and i felt honored. bats are good luck. afterwards we took a walk to lotus landing, a cement block beside a creek where we like to sit sometimes, throwing stones and observing little fish. the creek was stinky and so, so, so low. and at least five trees had been chopped down next to the creek, which just ripped our hearts out.

were they diseased? or are the land owners insane, the people whose creek bordering property the trees were on?

at least we were cheered by this little fellow, who came chattering by.

he seemed well cared for, and we think lived across the street. he was also upset about the trees.

we came home and read equinox stories. and now i will knit myself to sleep. blessed be!

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Molly said...

Looks like y'all had a great equinox dinner. And your scarf is going to be lovely.