Thursday, September 20, 2007

under the weather

that's how i'm feeling. not that i don't dig autumn. i so love the shifting light, the relief from heat and humidity, the feeling of change, the moodiness of it all. but like persephone, i tend to go underground in the colder seasons, and the knowledge of the coming darkness fills me with apprehension.

but mostly i'm feeling funky because i have a urinary tract infection. if you must know. it's only the second one ever in my life, but also the second one this year. is this what turning 40 is all about?

so i've been spending a lot of time on the couch, creeping myself out with how quickly i'm moving through the "six feet under" seasons (gotta find out what happened to lisa. . .), and reading lots of magazines.

i treated myself to a short stroll into the salvation army this morning where i found these cute cups and creamer. i love the odd little plants. i usually like to serve tea to tashi in little cups such as these, and the creamer can even be used as a small tea pot. well, except that it has no lid.

tashi is currently playing upstairs with a friend (they are awfully quiet, which means i'm probably in for some sort of surprise). perhaps it's about time for me to salvage this day!

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Laura_M said...

Oh, the blessed UTI's! An alternative healer once told me they can connect with times of change, transition. Out with the old.
Also a good reminder to care for one's self amidst the bustle.
Speedy recovery!