Friday, September 14, 2007

chillin' with my girl

something i savor about tashi's stage in life is that she actually loves the idea of spending time in a cafe reading. this afternoon we went to the newish cafe, shenandoah joe, which is also a roastery of gourmet, organic, and fair trade coffee. it's a cozy spot with puffy couches & chairs and barristas who sure do make a mean cappuccino.

so tashi and spent about two hours there, reading our respective books, and snuggling up to each other sometimes. sitting next to her is emma bean, a large rabbit we found in a thrift store when she was about four. emma bean was named after her doppelganger from a lovely children's book that i highly recommend.

i got started on amy karol's bend the rules sewing. i'm looking forward to attempting some of the projects, though this sewing business still seems very mysterious to me.


Laura_M said...

There's a picture I dream for myself - my daughter, content to quietly read a book!
Who knows what my little critter will get into?
My next sewing project is curtains for her room; don't even have fabric yet, but I do have the rods & rings.

tifanie said...

Oh! That just sounds so luxurious! I truly look forward to that. :)

Ann Downer said...

I love, love, love these photos because I wrote the book she is reading!!! Hee hee. She would make an excellent Theodora if her hair were a little darker and less managable.