Friday, September 26, 2008

the dampening

it's cold, wet and dark today, after a night of heavy rain. i welcome it. i'm ready to pull out the cold weather clothing and hunker down. though i'm sure we have some balmy indian summer days ahead. and oh the leaves. i look forward to the beautiful transformation ahead.

i did manage to pull off some of my autumn cleaning. tashi and i performed a thorough dusting and purging in her room a couple of weekends ago. it felt so good to attack some of her grungy corners and clear out some old toys left neglected for a long a while. i also did a thorough dusting of the living room, but of course, it only took a day before a nice fresh layer had settled in. it is very difficult to keep this house dust and cobweb free. my workroom remains cluttered, but i at least cleared the path so one can enter and get to the desk or sewing machine without risking their life. i have been on a sewing hiatus for a while, but have some projects in mind and just need to begin. it is the first step that is often the most difficult.

we remain completely unsure of what is ahead when it comes to a residence. after having a carpenter friend with some inspection experience come over and point out all the external cracks in our concrete block house, we are discouraged and have decided not to make an offer on it. we've been noticing increasing signs of settling & water damage in this house, and it really doesn't seem like a wise choice. so the residence of our future days remains uncertain, as does whether we will be renting or buying.

i have been largely entertained and haunted by the election. i have been counting the days to the debates, and now mccain might not even show his chunky cheeks full of lies. have any of you seen the katie couric interview with sarah palin? particularly the outtakes where she talks about the proximity of alaska to russia and her confused response to a question about the bailout.

ah, interesting days these!


mollyc said...

I watched that interview, and I was horrified! It's worse than I thought. Poor Sarah. And poor us if she gets in.

zoe krylova said...

i'm not sure if i can say i feel sorry for her. but i do think she must be on the verge of nervous break down. or will be. i think whether she wins or not, this will destroy her. sassy doesn't mean strong. moose killer doesn't mean mighty. i can't imagine she will feel ok about her short comings as a vp candidate, and the greater public will certainly not let her feel ok about it. all the republicans who love her will abandon her at some point, when they realize they were just projecting their own fantasies onto her.