Saturday, September 20, 2008

tape dispenser inventor

today i found two empty tape dispensers in the craft supply basket and unceremoniously threw them in the trash. a little while later, tashi inquired on their whereabouts and was soon digging them out.

after some focused coloring and cutting, she presented me with this: mama and her baby carriage.

see baby inside? mama sort of bobs along.

if that wasn't enough, she also fashioned this sleigh driver with elfin passengers and reindeer.

that is the creative genius of my daughter, friends. she will salvage just about any mundane item, and turn it into something delightful.

here is a box masterpiece in the works. a sea stage of some sort.


Laura_M said...

I really like the carriage; she certainly enjoys mixed media!

angelictenderbutton said...

She a child of waldorf, that's for sure!

mamele said...

oh, so fabulous!

patrice said...

i'm totally delighted looking at these amazing creations! what an eye she has.

tifanie said...

oh, i love that! love. i secretly hope my own children get into doing dioramas (is that what they're called?).

Maria said...

Haha!!! Too cute! I really like the sleigh!

song of the selkie said...

such a flair for the whimsical - wonder where she got it... and the mechanics involved there are no small feat either - that takes a lot of patience!

i did notice that the mom's hair is tashi colored, maybe this was imagined as sister and baby?