Friday, September 19, 2008

scenes of the week

from the bread machine to tashi's plate

my neighbor claims that the mushrooms have been chasing loki around the yard

tashi and i went to see michelle obama, jill biden, lilly ledbetter and tom perriello speak in front of newcomb hall at uva. unfortunately, i didn't bring my new fancy camera with the telephoto lens. or my flip video camera. gots to get my multi media world coordinated!

oh, and earilier in the week i pulled a doula all-nighter for a great birth. but those photos are confidential!

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song of the selkie said...

congrats on the delivery!

loki looks a LOT like kaccv!
my kaccv attacked a big bolete shroom out back, just glad he didn't try to eat any of it cause it most likely has psilocype due to the blue tint:

(scroll down to ID #82 to see the critter):