Saturday, September 13, 2008

let's hear it for small family business

i've discovered a new vendor the last few times i've been to the farmer's market. a family, making fresh tortillas on the spot, is serving up tacos and quesadillas at $2 a pop. i've had the steak taco, topped with onions, cilantro, cheese and salsa verde, with a lime wedge on the side, a delectable little fresh morsel. i don't think they have a name on their booth, but they are hard to miss, what with the tortilla making and all. they have little quesadillas also, and some other options for taco fillings. everything is $2 and well worth it.

that was how my saturday began.


sara said...

They look like they are from La Michoacana, a catering place that recently opened a shop on High St.

(stumbled in from cvilleblogs)

tifanie said...

yummmmm. i hunt for such things. there is nothing like a really good two dollar taco. nothing.

song of the selkie said...

wow, those look like the real deal too! that pic is making me hungry!

my mom is over in independence and after months of lamenting the loss of her oklahoma connection to authentic mexican cuisine finally settled for a decent cuban restaurant tucked away just across the carolina border in sparta.

i will have to tell her about your glorious find! and what an enterprising idea, to sell these at the local farmer's market... hmmm...