Wednesday, September 03, 2008


i just wanted to show off two knit things that have recently arrived at our doorstep. first there is the adorable sweater from yia yia. she made this while recovering from detached retina surgery and declared legally blind by her doctor. the striped square on the body of the sweater is a pocket. tashi would model it, but it's just way too hot for that!

and this hat is from our friend, poet extraordinaire, lisa jarnot. it is one of several that she knit for her 100 hats project. each hat was created in memory of a soldier who has fallen in iraq. i asked that she knit one with an endless knot in memory of tibetan american, lance cpl. tenzin dengkhim.

om mani padme hum.


sulky said...

i looked at her project. a very kind gesture and the hats are engaging; they will never be worn by those soldiers. the whole of it made me feel very annoyed if not a bit judgmental though.

that probably just means she got through to me because in my overly hormonal charged awareness i am easily set off.

i will just say that i am impressed with her level of productivity and flair with fibers. i also looked at hundreds of evenly placed empty pairs of army boots on the o.u. campus - not near as pretty...

there are a bunch of junior leaguers here in okla. who are sewing up cool packs that go on the backs of soldier's necks in that intense heat, maybe i am missing something big here?

these are hats for stiffs, cold bodies? the art of compassion? did i get it yet? i can be dense.

the endless knot is cool.

song of the selkie said...

ok, "sulky" that is not my name! it should be song of the selkie! how did this get changed??? got some investigating to do here... can people hack a blogger?
this is weird. i am sulky on occasion but - i try not to be on other people's blogs!

Silvia said...

I'd love to get my mother the pattern for the sweater and the hat--do you know where they got them from? And I'm thinking adult size for the sweater, for me. :)